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In this book you will follow Dr. Henry through his story and what he had to endure for his healthcare business.

Learn 7 Common Email Scams And Hacks

Way far too many businesses, email security isn’t an issue… until it suddenly is.

Learn The 9 Layers Of Cyber Security

If every business used every possible layer of email security, they’d reduce their chances of being hacked down to just 2%.

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Feel free to utilize Patrick Domingues as a HealthcareIT advisor for your healthcare business.

What's inside the book

Chapter 1 - The Discovery

Dr. Henry discovers an odd bank transaction that sends him into confusion.

Chapter 2 - The Hassle

Dr. Henry has found himself having a hard time controlling his emotions over what happened to his healthcare business.

Chapter 3 - The Fix

Dr. Henry was not happy with the current IT provider lack of cyber security awareness and decided to find a trustworthy healthcare IT and cyber security awareness advisor.

Chapter 4 - The Future

Dr. Henry fineally found the solace he was looking for and shared his expirence with his bussiness owner frinds.

Dr. Henry learned the hard way about the dangers of email.

Don’t miss the opputunitly to learn about the Healthcare Email Dangers.

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Patrick Domingues

The Author is a trusted advisor with 15+ years of experience in IT Support Services and is an acknowledged Healthcare IT, Cyber Security expert. He worked for Managed IT Service Providors for most of his IT career. He provided support services, project management and deployments. Patrick is a healthcare IT certified professional and is an expert in HIPAA Compliance reculations and audits. Find out more about the author by going to his blog at PatrickDomingues.com

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